You know I watch a lot of TV, some of it odd, and I love a well written series. Beth, Clare, and I have been watching Gravity Falls for the … Read More

So, I had a Kart M14 socom for airsoft which I sold. I now have another 🙂 Anyway, the blasted thing won’t shoot in semi auto, so for the fir… Read More

My friends and I play a lot of Magic the Gathering but our two biggest difficulties are We don’t always get out the house And its dammed ex… Read More

Having a bit of a tech clear out, anyone want to make an offer for …. Apple iPhone 4s 16gb Good condition, factory reset, no scratches, and … Read More

Congratulations it’s a (inset gender here) ! You now have your own little bundle of joy (possibly again). No one has told you that this also… Read More

Interestingly, for the first time recently I’ve had dealing with by MP and my MSP, with very different feelings on the responses of both. To… Read More

Recently the Scottish government have put forward legislation regarding the ownership and licensing of air weapons. As any responsible membe… Read More

It’s been a long time, and desperate as I have been to bring new news to you few dedicated readers, for a long time I had nothing frivolous … Read More

Since my first Sinclair Spectrum around 1986 I’ve always loved video games. One of the most fun aspects is when you can play in a group with… Read More

Recently I reinstalled an older game (Dawn of War 2) via Steam and tried to get this working. Nope. After many hours of reading log files, r… Read More

It’s Saturday night in Glasgow and the rain is lashing down, it feels like the world will be ending in more than one way this evening. We sn… Read More

I adore a good story whatever the medium.  I’m known for devouring a good book, can watch a good series end to end, or can lose myself in a … Read More

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Which of your childhood favourite movies would you like to pass to your kids, and hope that they love them as much as you did ? Clare and I … Read More

Increase in both the rate and strength of the heartbeat resulting in increased blood pressure. Blood shunted from the skin and viscera to t… Read More

It’s no secret that I love my Xbox. As a grown up you don’t get too many toys, and since fast cars and helicopters are a bit beyond my stand… Read More

Once again I’ve let my poor blog fall into disuse, mostly as the duel forces of Twitter and Facebook have allied to become my social portals… Read More

I’m sitting at the train station, slightly too early, making me the only person here. A train rolls in, it’s destination opposite to mine, b… Read More

A long time ago, back when I was still using S9y as my blog engine, clare asked me to make a blog for her. It was called “It’s Ups and Downs… Read More

Why must 90% of conversions from novel to film be so abysmally bad ? Sure there’s some greats like Carrie and The Shining, both of which cut… Read More

I’ve delayed posting this in order to keep my facebook/twitter guessing game going for as long as possible, the cat’s out the bag now though… Read More

6 out of 10 First of all, they spelt Honour wrong. EA made a huge deal out of this game calling it a Call of Duty killer. Time certainly sh… Read More

7 out of 10 I loved Fallout 3, playing it start to finish twice (as both good and evil), and through most of the DLC. It took me a while to… Read More

It’s been a while, but yesterday brought another visit from the Migraine Fairy. Sending myself off to bed at 9pm would normally be a blessin… Read More

9 out of 10 I’m a massive fan of Portal, having bought it on PC, again on xbox (in the orange box pack), and separately on XBLA. It’s proba… Read More

8 out of 10 Lots of fun. Whilst this game is an absolute no brainer, with bullets and gore aplenty, it does offer loads of entertainment va… Read More

As some of you may know over the past year I’ve found Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files“. It’s an excellent series of modern day with magic … Read More

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Foo Fighters – Everlong This first category was by far the easiest to answer. “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters has been a favourite for a long… Read More

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Many people will be able to tell you that I love to read, especially fiction. I consume books, racing from cover to cover, eating up the wor… Read More

I <3 my Xbox. Being a grown up you don’t get a great many toys. I think I’m off the generation that grew up with video games and a lot of… Read More

CoDBlOps (or Call of Duty : Black Ops to give it it’s full name) was released under a cloud of controversy, a cloud that seems to grow towar… Read More

20 Days to Christmas ! So Scotland has recently been gripped by the icy fist of winter. People have been stranded at home, business left una… Read More

Please stop spamming the hell out of my webstats. Honestly, there’s nothing relevant for you here. Perhaps if I post some anti-communist pro… Read More

Airsoft Books… Read More

Yesterday was, quite literally, freezing. I left the house with Beth, her tightly wrapped up in her parka, gloves, hat, and scarf, and heade… Read More

Recently I took the The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, not in serious consideration of the results, but more for curiosity. … Read More

Saturday 9th October 2010 saw Dead by Dawn return to the Edinburgh Filmhouse in a one day Un-Halloween special event. I’m glad to say that m… Read More

It’s Monday morning. I’m sitting in the office waiting for my 9am start time, trying to piece together events of the weekend, and have them … Read More

I’m not a great lover of housepets. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t deny that sometimes they can be fun when they’re all small and cute, but I… Read More

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or how to infinite loop your blogosphere … So once again I’m blogging about bloging, I swear I spend more time messing around with these thi… Read More

or how I took my iPhone 3G and kept it up to date So the new iPhone 4’s are out and looking very nice.??One thing I love about it is the gen… Read More

Football, it’s a funny old game. Oh, those Brazilians, you know? Circa 1970? Broke the mould. Theory out the window. Free expression of foo… Read More

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I love reading. Mostly it’s fiction of the sci-fi or fantasy genre, with perhaps the occasional biography introduced. Thus, when clare bough… Read More

Via Between the PC and xbox it’s safe to say I’ve played through most of the Call of Duty series of games, and while I’d still rate the s… Read More

I’ve fretted over the decision to take a fresh look at blogging, bouncing between wordpress, tumblr, and posterous every other hour. To be h… Read More

So every six months or so I like to try a new social media site. Had a look at tumblr, loved the simplicity, but didn’t like the lack of fea… Read More

Last night saw an act of vandalism and arson turn a neighbours Land Rover into a flaming wreckage. Please excuse the low quality photos, tak… Read More

I’m having an indecisive moment. You see, i’d like to have control of all my own web presence. Hosting at home is out since running any web … Read More

Beautiful Beth was born August 6th 2007 Welcome beth 🙂 Comments bobzilla76 says: Welcome :) Read More

Not done anything with this site in ages/ I’m thinking of changing it to be more of a custom homepage for myself. You know the sort of thing… Read More

Been flicking through Last FM’s events Lostprophets in the garage 6th July, only just paid loads to see them at the SECC ! Bloodhound Gang 1… Read More

Moving swiftly on ….. L’Instant Avant WTF ? Normally i wouldn’t like to spoil a movie for anyone who might be reading, but this deserves a w… Read More

Felt much better today. Hitch A quick short about love in horror, pretty funny The Damned Thing An episode of “Masters of Horror” from Tobe … Read More

Okay, was at the opening of dead by dawn last night, the Edinburgh horror festival. Starting about 11 and ending about 1:30, i was lucky to … Read More

Hello everyone ! Just one more sleep till Santa. So it’s been a busy old time lately. Had a big project to be finished in December which we … Read More

Some friends have been posting quote quizes, so I thought I’d give it a bash. Questions Human fucking beings. What do you have to do? Now I… Read More

I have noisy nighbours, the neighbours whos back garden sits beside our front garden. For the past year (ish) it’s been impossible to get an… Read More

We have bats living in our cavity walls ! You can hear them scratching around during the day, and sometimes make out their shape at night. … Read More

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Crockett The wedding day was fabulous. Both Bride and Groom looked fantastic throughout. I’m glad to s… Read More

As wilburs wedding fast approaches I find myself making changes to my Best-man speech. I’m not known for being good in-front of a crowd so I… Read More

I really want a Mac Recently my PC has done nothing but annoy me. The latest windows updates are now going to start nagging you if you don’t… Read More

I was a huge fan of the silent hill game for the playstation, it had a great mix of horror and tension. So I went to see the movie over the … Read More

Woke up on saturday morning to find my left elbow in white hot agony. Had a look in the mirror but couldn’t see anything odd. It felt kind o… Read More

Just back from london ! Was mostly a good weekend. The Ramada hotel was just on the edge of kensington gardens, puting us just at the perfec… Read More

Money. At what point does Pounds Sterling no longer become valid currency in the UK ? Last year in Newcastle we didn’t have a single problem… Read More

Been getting back into Magic the Gathering since persuading one of my geek workmates to try iy out. He’s since bought his own white deck whi… Read More

Are you : [ ] less than 13 [ ] 13 to 18 [ ] 18 to 25 [x] 26+ I’m on the downward slide now, still, it’s always easier going downhill than … Read More

How was christmas for everyone. I was playing with Clares little cousins on xmas day when little Caroline throught it’d be fun to tickle me.… Read More

The foo’s on monday night were fab ! i actually had doubts aboutgoing to see them after hearing people not rate them at T-in-the-park. I’m g… Read More

Once again I’m switching the blog engine I use. This time it’s to get my site onto the new hosting server which uses a different language th… Read More

Went to the Bloodhound Gang gig last night, it was awesome….. Went with Wilbur into town and grabbed a nice burger at edwards along with a f… Read More

My acting talents remain unappreciated Comments vonnie says: Why have you posted a crotch shot post bolognese-dinner? clareybear says: Ye… Read More

Stoo’s found a great place to pick up a semi-dedicated server for web hosting, the only catch (for me anyway) is that they only run linux. T… Read More

I’m a Joss Whedon fan. Like any other sort of addicition, the only way to battle it is to go cold turkey. After Buffy and Angel finished, I … Read More

I’ve signed myself up for a full flickr account, and spent most of the weekend uploading photos to it. Didn’t realise I had so many. So you … Read More

Just finished watching the full first season of lost over the weekend. What a good show. Rather than the first “survivors overcome adversity… Read More

Mountain dew, beats the ass off ginger beer. Click here to find out how much mountain dew it would take to kill you Comments Vonnie says: … Read More

I finally got to go on the helicopter ride that my parents got me for christmas. It was 15 minutes in a Bell Longranger over the campsies an… Read More

Got the chip for the Xbox through. Installation. Man the connectors on this thing are tiny ! Had to use a jewelers screwdriver the get the … Read More

This week I’ve been working my tail off trying to get a pretty big (and creative) project to a point where e can demo it for a client. As we… Read More

Had a great time at airsoft on friday night. Firefight Scotland were trialing a new indoors site for CQB (Close Quarter Battles). The games … Read More

As published in the evening times DOWNIE – Margaret. Peacefully at Hairmyres Hospital on 2nd january 2005, Margaret much loved mother, gran… Read More

What can i say, just wow. Thanks to eveyone for coming, thanks for all your fantastic gifts. Thanks to wilbur for his awesome speech. Just t… Read More

My grandparent are ancient. They’ve been here like forever. When my grandfather talks about fighting in the war i’m sure it was against the … Read More

I’m sore all over. Wasn’t too bad until last night, which is unusal as the airsoft pains usually attack almost straight away. Played airsoft… Read More

Yesterday the ned activity in my area was at an all time high. About 2PM I hear a loud banging noise coming from outside my house. On invest… Read More

I’ve been inspired me to go looking for the X-files DVDs (as dave did a few months back). They’ve been re-released at 25 quid a season, much… Read More

Hahahahaha Couple of weeks ago I filled in a questionaire on channel 4s website. You had to include your mobile number and a photo, I includ… Read More

Another day of battle draws to a close. Had a cracking time at airsoft today. Played a pile of games and got a lot sneaky than I usually am.… Read More

I finished reading “The Bourne Supremacy” last week. An awesome book, the second in the series, although I had only seen the movie of the fi… Read More

I’ve moved my blog entries over to Turns out the fancy flash/XML one i wrote wasn’t showing up in Mozilla. Beside blogger offer… Read More

Okay guys, i’ve updated the website to use XML insted of ASP now. Also my main webhosting is due to expire soon so i’m back to the good old … Read More

I’m Mark. I’m mid thirties, which isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I’m married to Clare (since 2004), and a dad to Beth (since 2007), Char… Read More