2011 Retrospective

Once again I’ve let my poor blog fall into disuse, mostly as the duel forces of Twitter and Facebook have allied to become my social portals of late.

Well, it’s been a hell of a year. Not since we welcomed Beth have I had such dizzy heights of merryment. Not just for us either, friends have had babies (and maybe even family might sneak one in past the clock), friends have moved houses and jobs and found great success. As a year its had it’s downs as well as ups – but i’m holding onto the good and letting go of the bad. 

We recreated prom night, survived snow storms and hurricanes, been excited and disapointed by politics, returned to Dead by Dawn (with hardly any illness this year), gotten fitter (for a while), had a celebrity birthday message for clare (hoping for an invite to their wedding), geeked out with a return to d&d, enjoyed clares 30th, seen Glasgow taken over by zombies, become a mac user, read loads of books, and much more.

Reading though past posts i’m sure you’ll be able to see some great events that rocked my year.

In June I was invited to London to take part in a magazine article for Cosmo magazine. A long knackering day out, but a day like no other. I’ve found out recently that I’m going to be in the Cosmo Australia edition too – i’m international !

My family has always been Mum, Dad, and my sister Janine. In August, through facebook, I began talking to my other sister Debbie from a wing of my family long since separated. In a short space of time I’ve gotten to know them all really well, it’s been a real pleasure.

I wonder what 2012 will bring ?


Jen says:
Wishing you and your lovely wife all the very best for 2012. I have blind optimism that it’s gonna be a good one! PS.. what was the Cosmo article?

Mark Baillie says:
Hmm, this doesn’t seem to want to post to facebook, maybe it knows something I don’t ?

Mark Baillie says:
Jen : http://db.tt/J2rbKCCD