2point8 Hours Later

Increase in both the rate and strength of the heartbeat resulting in increased blood pressure. Blood shunted from the skin and viscera to the skeletal muscles, coronary arteries, liver, and brain. Rise in blood sugar. Increased metabolic rate. Bronchi dilate. Pupils dilate. Hair stands on end (“gooseflesh” in humans). Clotting time of the blood is reduced. Increased ACTH secretion from the anterior lobe of the pituitary. All of these effects prepare the body to take immediate and vigorous action.

Last night I ran faster and harder then I’ve had to in years. All across Glasgow City Center we were chased breathless, until finally reaching decontamination somewhere in Finniston. It was the most fun I’ve ever had running for my life.

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? There are a series of locations around the city. You must find your way to each without being caught by zombies that prowl the streets. At the start you are given the first location and a map. If you make it there you will encounter a survivor with a story to tell. They will give you the next location, where you will another survivor, and so on, until you make it to Resistance HQ. Here you will be scanned for infection. If you are clear you can enter. If the scan shows the signs of infection you must join the zombie horde. – http://2.8hourslater.com/ 

From a group of seven we reached the end point with just a single survivor, i’d like to say it was due to our valiant efforts to keep him alive, but truth is he got lucky. The zombies were fast.

Over the course of nearly three hours in a route that took us fully across the city center roughly parallel parallel parallel the clyde, we walked, stumbled, and flat out ran. Some zombies would jump out giving the classic movie fright. Others would silently come out of nowhere, screaming inches behind you, driving you to your heels.

You have to applaud both the company running the game, and the volunteer zombies taking part. They’ll spend all week running, after just one night I’m a wreck. A happy, broken, but satisfied wreck.


Bob says:
So who survived?

Mark Baillie says:
One of lynns work friends, I was unfortunately the first to be eaten :(

lilmisstee says:
How do they know you’re in the game as opposed to people out for a walk?

Mark Baillie says:
All the players wear thick reflective branded armbands to identify them. The actors are told not to interact with non players. The real problem is fake zombies, there were a couple of girls who took to running at players screaming, and having to err on the side of caution you’d have to leg it.