2point8 Hours Later, Later

It’s Saturday night in Glasgow and the rain is lashing down, it feels like the world will be ending in more than one way this evening. We sneak through the streets, ever cautious, scanning every corner for the zombies lurking. By this point we’re soaked through, out of breath, and have run so hard there’s steam coming from our bodies. This is 2.8 Hours.

So, I took part in this years zombie escape game through the streets of Glasgow. Starting off from Waterloo Street we travelled through St Enoch’s, across the river, past the court, back over the river, all the way up Buchannan Street to the college, and finally found safety in Strathclyde University Student Union.

Unfortunately there were no survivors.

Now that the night has passed and I’ve been able to gather my thoughts, I’d say there were definite point both better and worse compared to last year.

The Route
This years route absolutely wins since it was mostly circular, starting and ending in the city centre. Last year might have featured better locations (like the old church and the dark car garage) but ending so far out-of-the-way and the long walk at the end was just too far out. After running for three hours that walk back became the scariest part of the evening.

The Set Pieces
I’d say that this years set pieces had better narrative, getting in and out of the infected areas of the city, but last years were more action packed. There was definitely one this year (coming back into the city through the gated entrance) that just felt like you had no chance of not getting some of your group caught. The drug dealer story line was interesting, although walking up to a stranger to say “Micky sent these pills for you” could be interesting on any evening.

The Weather
Unfortunately there’s nothing that could be done about this one. Just annoying that last year it was t-shirts in march compared to this year soaked through jackets in may !

The Zombie Disco
Being able to get the university union for this was a stroke of brilliance, in the middle of town, cheap beer, and student nostalgia. Last year we were to tired to think of having a beer, this year we made up for that. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and with us all looking like zombies there was a certain air of camaraderie – you never feel as ridiculous when there’s other being just as silly.

Overall, a great evening and money well spent. It’s hard not to compare the two years, but they both win out on some points. It’s the kind of evening where the more you buy into it then the better experience you’ll have, and it fair to say that when the first zombie runs at you all disbelief is forgotten.