A description of me

I’m Mark. I’m mid thirties, which isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I’m married to Clare (since 2004), and a dad to Beth (since 2007), Charlotte (since 2014), and Daniel (since 2016). I’m a Capricorn. I like sunshine, but as a developer spend much of my time hiding away from it. I love Mountain Dew (especially Code Red), and occasionaly treat myself to some at americansoda.co.uk. I respect the Oxford Comma. I’d much rather be getting something done, than telling someone how well I can do it. I’m sometimes ashamed of my Last.FM profile (or of my poor musical tastes that it tells the world). I’m proud of my linked-in profile … and i’m not the sort of person to enjoy writing about myself.

I’m currently working at gt4 where I’m technical lead on a number of projects, including several large scale developments with a global construction equipment company, and a ground-breaking Lean Manufacturing system. Primarily we develop and support a number of clients Asp.Net C# and Bespoke Classic ASP sites and systems. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and working in front-end with Javascript and CSS animation, a call back to my time spent developing in flash. I also like to work with other languages such as RubyPhp, and Python.

I love books and movies, usually best in that order. I like to get muddy playing airsoft. I play bass guitar very badly. I fill out my geek credentials with DnD and WH40K and by drinking lots of coffee. I’m most likely the guy on xbox live who doesn’t speak. I once came 8th in the Scottish Doom 2 Championships.

From Basic on the Sinclair Spectrum 48k through COMALPASCAL, and Qbasic, to ActionScript (2 & 3), Visual Basic 6ASPJavaScriptHTMLCSS and beyond …..XHTMLHTML5AJAXXMLXSLTjQueryVB and C# .Net, & Umbraco.