A year in games

It’s no secret that I love my Xbox. As a grown up you don’t get too many toys, and since fast cars and helicopters are a bit beyond my standard of living my faithful xbox serves my entertainment needs.

So over the past year I’ve played through a load of games, some good, some … well not so good. Here’s some twitter sized reviews.

Alan Wake
9.5/10 – Brought back great memories of playing Silent Hill on the PS1. Loved the creepiness, bought all the DLC, and looking forward to the new XBLA episodes due out soon.

Portal 2
9/10 – Fantastically quirky follow up to the original Portal, great single player plot, and even better co-op with a friend.

Battlefield Bad Company 2
9/10 – Probably my most played game of 2011, a good single player experience, but a great multiplayer game, probably my favourite online first person shooter to date.

8.5/10 – Lovely little dungeon crawler, helps to fill the World of Warcraft bug. Torchlight 2 should be out soon now with added co-op, one to look out for.

Modern Warfare 3
8/10 – More of the same – overblown insane cinematic action. If you can turn off your brain and go with it then it’s a great game. You’ll find it offers a very solid multiplayer experience too (depending on the maturity of the other players).

Mortal Kombat
8/10 – MK Deception was probably the first Mortal Kombat that could start to sway this Street Fighter fan, but this latest MK release has made that a certainty – a great fighter.

Orcs Must Die
8/10 – A traditional tower defence game turned third person perspective allowing you to take the Orcs out with your sword and bow as well as numerous cunning traps. A fun XBLA distraction.

8/10 – Pure mindless shooter with the added bonus of a classic high score system and some fancy whip work. Great fun although lacking a little in depth.

Fallout New Vegas
7/10 – Good, but not as good as Fallout 3. As a fan of the series it’s still worth a play, newcomers may be better looking elsewhere.

Warhammer Kill Team
7/10 – I love most things warhammer 40k, but i’m sorry to say i’m not quite as excited about this. A fun romp but it could have be put to any shooter branding.

Deus Ex Human Revolution
7/10 – I loved the original 90s Deus Ex, but I’m afraid this feels like a poor relative. Not a bad game, but certainly fell short of my expectations.

Crysis 2
7/10 – Another average shooter, with its own interesting twists and power-ups. Not a bad game, but doesn’t have very much to make it stand out from the crowd.

Fable 3
7/10 – The third in the Fable series just feels too much like the ones before. While a great game with lots of great selling points, I just didn’t feel the same buzz I had playing the first instalment.

Medal of honor
6/10 – A disappointing shooter in both single and multiplayer. Maybe there was just too much hype surrounding it ? Whatever the reason, it’s not one I’d recommend.

Not all these games were released 2011, I just played them throughout this year