Ahh My Eye !

How was christmas for everyone.

I was playing with Clares little cousins on xmas day when little Caroline throught it’d be fun to tickle me. Except rater than tickle me, she ran up and stuck her finger directly into my right eye. Immedialey it started watering. By 10PM it hadn’t stopped, so I had to pay a visit to A&E. They told me she had scratched my eyeball, said that it just needed time to heal, and gave me some antiseptic gel to put on it.

So now my eye feels itchy like there’s something in it, it seems to have swollen and is trying to push itself out of my face, and is blood red in colour. I can’t sit in front of anything (tv, monitor, book) for more than five mins without it stinging like crazy.

Bloody kids, who’d have them !


RSG says:
I know I shouldn't have laughed at that, but the entry title made me snarf bru! Hope it's better soon, man.

Kaydee says:
Feel better Mark. Hope Christmas was great apart from the eye incident! Thinkin of ya! x

bob says:

stoo says:
i remember i got poked in the eye recently. as recent as last weekend if i recall correctly. by one of my "trusted" friends.jokes aside, hope you're feeling better soon mate!

clareybear says:
Hahahahahahahahaha You can't trust anyone these days can u stoo?? ;o)

vonnie says:
All children are evil. You might as well have a vasectomy now