Antisocial Behaviour

I have noisy nighbours, the neighbours whos back garden sits beside our front garden.

For the past year (ish) it’s been impossible to get any extra sleep at the weekends. You see they have all kinds of ways of making noise

  • A little dog that barks at EVERYTHING
  • A mother and father who resort to YELLING at each other
  • A usually naked toddler (locked in the back garden) who THROWS STONES at the fence
  • A constantly naked toddler SCREAMING for attention after also being locked in the back garden
  • And it’s usually a mixture of all of the above

Two things recently have added to this making it worse.

The first is the heatwave we’ve been having. The normal solution to this would be to leave the window open, but this only allows more of the noise into the bedroom. The second is the school holidays. Rather than this only being limited to the weekends, it’s now happening every morning. At 7AM.

Very frustrating


RSG says:
Grrr.I feel your rage. Might be worthwhile speaking to the council? Get a noise diary to fill in, then they'd send out a rep to speak to them about the problem. I'm pretty sure they can do this anonymously, too, so so long as it's not obvious it's you who's complaining ( Like it would be with us and the arsehole next door ), you should be laughing.