Blogging Mashup

Why do I feel that the thing I blog about the most is blogging ?

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned and the fantastic visual web building that they offer. Indeed I know a few of my design minded colleagues have turned their hands to it and come up with some very nice results. I too loved the design and style options but, and this is usually the problem I had, it eventually didn’t do something the way I wanted.

You see, whilst it has great support for other sites (including posterous that i’m typing this on), I couldn’t get it to display both my posterous blogs on screen at once. Not a big deal, but I like finding answers to these things.

So, i’ve taken my look & feel, built a nice html/css clone of my own, and then sat down with and made it work. Now, all the content from my site is parsed from the RSS feeds coming from posterous. I can update my site without ever having to touch the server.

Once again, I am happy with my site (for the moment).