Bring and buy

Having a bit of a tech clear out, anyone want to make an offer for ….

Apple iPhone 4s 16gb
Good condition, factory reset, no scratches, and a good battery. Currently on o2 but happy to see about getting it unlocked for you.

Phillips surround sound system
Base unit, centre speaker, 4 surrounds, and a subwoofer. Dolby 5.1 AC3 and DTS compatible. Two coax digital in, one optical, and loads of phono. Can include a set of 5.1 surround headphones pre wire for the speaker outs.

Boxee box
Home media player, hdmi out. This is perfect if you have a share on the network full of TV shows and movies. Remote has a full keyboard on the back for easy searching. I’ve started testing the XBMC builds on it via usb if you want that included. Also running the SSH hack for boxee plus.

Apple TV, first generation
This is the larger grey version running a cut down OS X instead of the iOS the newer ones run. Again, I’ve got this booting XBMC from usb if that’s your fancy, otherwise a nice basic Apple box. I think you can also hack these to run Linux or OS X hackintosh, and you can remove the wifi card and fit an additional video decoder card for super smooth 1080 resolution.

I think that’s everything …