Chipping the xbox

Got the chip for the Xbox through.

Man the connectors on this thing are tiny ! Had to use a jewelers screwdriver the get the pins in. The solderless option is still the best way to go. Once it was in setting up some new software on it was a breeze. The chip i’ve got includes Samba support so you dont even have to use FTP.

Whenever you put the cd tray back into the xbox the chip will stop working. I think the tray must be squashing something, altough it looks like there’s plenty of clearance. Because of this the xbox is kind of strewn accross the floor.

I’ve already got XBMC installed, which is like a big Play All media application I can use the stream video accross the netwrok to the TV. Pretty Cool. I’ve managed to get a pile of emulators so should get them set up pretty soon too. Now if i could only get it to stay working with the cd tray in...


Mark Baillie says:
Got it working! I had to take the chip out and reseat it all, but I'm getting it working well and have rebuilt the xbox back up now. And it all works with the box dvd remote control.