Day 02 – your least favorite song

Take That Featuring Lulu – Relight My Fire

During the 90s there were some great bands. The whole “britpop” movement gave us the awesome collision of Blur vs Oasis. The 90s however had a dark side, boy band mania.

To say that I hate boy bands is unfair. The likes of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys shows that it’s a formula that can work. The difference is, they’re from across the atlantic. Homegrown boybands, well, we as a nation should just be doing better (I’m shaking my head and looking at you 911).

It’s not that I hate Take That specifically, since their recent resurgence they’ve actually put out some good middle aged soft rock tracks. Mums love them now more than ever.

Plus this song has Lulu in it 🙁