Day 19 – a song from your favorite album

AC/DC – Hells Bells

Growing up I didn’t have much concept of forming a taste in music, whatever was in the charts I’d listen to. Further down this list of songs you’ll find the record that first changed that.

My dad gave me his old stereo, an old wooden looking monstrosity with a single tape deck and vinyl record player. He also gave me some albums that it’d be fair to say have shaped my musical tastes ever since. My dad liked AC/DC, and gave me a cassette with Back in Black on side A, and a live album on side B. I must nearly have worn that tape out.

The album opens with Hells Bells, the tolling of the bell gives such a creepy start to a song before the slow guitar riff plays over the top. The drums join in with a soft snare, then some bass, then the whole thing just takes off.

With that, I was won over.