Dead by Dawn (Friday)

Felt much better today.

A quick short about love in horror, pretty funny

The Damned Thing
An episode of “Masters of Horror” from Tobe Hooper. Entertaining and well shot, but with a little bit too much of a out-there ending

Les Petits Hommes Vieux (Men from Older Space)
Maybe not classic horror, but a fun twist on zombies using old people

The only film so far not to get a clap. Involves a paraplegic, a bathtub, and a hateful relationship between husband and wife. Not a bad short film, just a little too dark.

Y Que Cumplas Muchos Mas (Happy Birthday to you)
A short movie with some odd parts. You kinda think it’s about child abuse, but it takes a dramatic turn and quite surprises you

The Dead Tree Hotel
A good short movie, well made, but something about this was missing, just didn’t seem to have the scares needed.

Another “Masters of horror” episode, this time by Jon Landis. Freaking fantastic, one of the picks of the festival.

The Babys Room
This was the first movie to get the director up for a Q&A. The guy was fantastic, very funny, and happy to poke fun at himself. He didn’t actually seem to like the movie, but it was the best thus far for a real shiver. Part of a Spanish TV series, it’s a TV movie, but is worth so much more.

It came from the west
An animated zombie western, making it an odd cross of genre. Seemed weird watching a subtitled movie where no-ones lips actually moved, so you could have dubbed it anyway. Regards, a good giggle.

Flight of the living dead (aka plane dead)
Was looking forward to this sooo much, I love my zombie movies ! This is never going to win an oscar, and will probably bomb on general release, but with a zombie loving audience we just lapped it up.