Dead by Dawn (Saturday)

Moving swiftly on …..

L’Instant Avant
WTF ? Normally i wouldn’t like to spoil a movie for anyone who might be reading, but this deserves a warning. Basically, its some guy threading a wire coat hanger under his chin and out his mouth, then his mate rips his jaw off. Nasty.

An asian horror movie about spirit photography. Gave a good couple of chills, and very entertaining.

Every year they do a short film competition where you vote for your top three. The entries don’t have to be of the highest quality, just have to fit the theme

13:de mars, 1941
A lovecraft type horror where the actually bad parts are unseen. A guy goes down a well, but all we see is his mate talking to him on the other end of a phone. What he finds down the well is a little disturbing.

A woman has heart surgery but is awake through it, and unable to tell anyone. We hear her voice is she pleads to stop. Freaky and unpleasant (so I suppose it does its job)

Blind Mans Alley
Some sort of initiation game where people stand in a car tunnel for 1 to 5 minutes while blindfolded. Does a good job of building the tension.

A woman kills homeless people to make art out of them, didn’t like it

Film Eight
A little comedy with a horror bent, seemed like fun.

The Eyes of Edward James
Fantastic short about a man undergoing hypnosis so that we can see what he sees, and hear the hypnotists voice controlling the film. Very well done, even if the end left me a little confused.

A weird film about a pregnant lady bringing her stillborn baby to term. Not to my taste.

Seems to show up how scary cancer surgery can be, and how you feel like you’re just a number in the system rather than a person needing help. Comes with a good horror twist too.

Mime Massacre
Got a great laugh, it’s all in the title

Nose Hair
She plucks the big hair, the dudes brains fall out. Slightly unexpected by funny.

The amazing death of mrs mueller
Just didn’t get this one.

The Fifth
Amazing. The lawyer guy from scrubs is a serial killer in the poker based comedy. You HAVE to see this.

Okay, so that was all the entires. Don’t know who’s won yet but would have to guess “The Fifth”, and despite it being a great movie seems a little unfair. It’s not horror, more black comedy, but given the laughs it’ll probably win anyway. I’d choose “The eyes of Edward James”, the narrator control the camera was a nice touch, “The Fifth” which I’d like to have voted first choice but will romp home with the win anyway, and “Lump” because it had a good human element as well as a horror twist.

Southern Gothic
A good vampire movie set in the bible belt of the USA. The two main actors really made this, and although the pace was a little slow, it’s still a decent showing.

After all that we break for dinner before heading into the all-nighter …..