Dead by Dawn (Saturday All Nighter)

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Best movie of the festival

As of midnight Saturday (or is that Sunday, suppose it is) we started the all nighter. Was surprised at just how well I lasted, only dropping off once or twice during gruesome

Monsters inc without the funny (or cute or cartoon). Pretty good short actually.

End of the line
As i said above, movie of the festival. This was outstanding ! (!!!!) A group of passengers are on the subway when the train stops in the tunnel. A group of Christian nutjobs receive a message telling them that Armageddon is coming and they have to “save” as many souls as possible. A creepy movie, with a nice touch of hopelessness, lots of blood, and a good few moments of genuine horror. This must get a DVD release

A cut together montage of of classic movie parts, but somehow manages to keep the whole build-up >scare >payoff from each of the movies, pretty good

An average movie, seemed to last a touch too long, although that might have been due to me repeatedly dropping off during it. A girl gets brutally murdered, mixed in with a bit of groundhog day. Fantastic twist at the end.

The Hitcher
An old classic, ended the night well.

At this point we break for breakfast, with two movies to go. However, we’re pretty messed up so make the journey back home. FWIW the two we missed were “The Hamiltons” and “The Backwoods”. Shame cause backwoods looked pretty good.

Currently it’s started for today, am concidering going back through to catch another few (thankfully i’ve got the day off tommorrow) but the only movie really catching my eye is “The Abandoned” which is the last movie of the night. Will have to think about it i suppose.


Mark Baillie says:
End of the Line finally got a DVD release :)

Mark Baillie says:
Also, have since seen ???The Abandoned???, was very good too.