Fallout New Vegas


7 out of 10

I loved Fallout 3, playing it start to finish twice (as both good and evil), and through most of the DLC. It took me a while to get to New Vegas, knowing that it would be quite a time sink for me.

Having finally now finished it twice it was a very enjoyable game.

The only thing is, it just felt like more of the same. Maybe that’s a question of expectations, but it just felt “been there, done that”, and that Fallout 3 had already done it better. In terms of plot I hated the Legions, but then given that I took so much enjoyment from going out of my way to kill Ceaser perhaps that’s what was intended.

I also have to mention the large number of bug reports that were plaguing it. By the time I got around to playing there had been several patches which fixed up a lot of this. I did still encounter several system hangs, broken character scripting, and other oddities which removed the fun.

The most annoying and frequent thing for me was the constant feeling of loading. I got sick to death of watching that roulette wheel spin. This is not a game for the impatient.