Fame and fortune await


Couple of weeks ago I filled in a questionaire on channel 4s website. You had to include your mobile number and a photo, I included this one Media_httpimagesmarkb_zjssu

I just got sent a text saying that they want me to go audition for hollyoaks when they come to Glasgow. Just goes to show people have no taste.


Bob says:
your shitting me!I want a cut of the pay for the photo if you get anywhere.

lou says:
watch out clareybear!! hes gonne be after all those blonde hollyoaks babes!!hehehe luv lou xox

kaydee says:
GO FOR IT MARK! You must audition! Think of the power and the fame! Muha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!Kaydee x

janine says:
how noice ??? go for it marky b???can i have sum of ur new found wealth???pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese????xoxo