Famous People

Went to the Bloodhound Gang gig last night, it was awesome…..

Went with Wilbur into town and grabbed a nice burger at edwards along with a few pinits. Nipped over to the variety bar and watched the queue with a nice pint, which is much better than standing in it. Moved along to Nice N Sleazys only to find it shut up for rennovation (although the best thing they could do would be to burn it down and rebuild it for sanitary reasons).

So we head into the garage, grab some drinks, and start watching the first support act. Lucky Nine sucked. Definately not the sort of band I’d put with the Bloodhound Gang.

Then a second support comes on, this wild haired japanese guy (looks like one of the kids from battle royale). His band comes on and starts playing a cover of “Iron Man”. They’re a three piece punk rock combo, and they’re frickin awesome. “Electric Eel Shock” really got the crowd fired up, THIS was the support we needed !

So the Bloodhound Gang come on and play a great set. Probably not the best one I’ve seen them do, but still pretty good. Only played a few songs from the new album (which i’m still waiting on growing on me), but had the usual antics of physical violence, nudity, and vomiting over each other. Only down side was there was loads of crowdsurfers and someone kicked me in the head.

Walking down to the cathouse afterwards I feel my eyesight starting to shift. For me this is the classic sign of an oncoming migrane. I figure i’d try to stick it out, but by the time i’m in the catty my head is starting to pound. I drop clare a txt and get her to (very kindly) come and pick me up. So while i’m waiting at the bar, I turn around and two of the band are standing beside me, DJ Q-Ball, and Evil Jared Hassltehoff. I thought “What the hell” and started chatting to Jared, and what a nice big guy. We talked about his broken nose, the jap support bad, and his vomiting.

Clare picked me up about midnight and I made it most of the way home before we had to stop so I could yack. Made it home and fell into bed.

So a night of highs and lows for me.