Firefight Drymen

I’m sore all over. Wasn’t too bad until last night, which is unusal as the airsoft pains usually attack almost straight away.

Played airsoft at firefight scotlands new drymen site. Overall I thought it was an excellent site. There was a nice game across the junkyard with lots to hide behind (very mad max). The terrain was pretty good with seven foot deep trenches running all over the place, a bugger to cross but great to hide in.

I finally found my place in game when i climbed a hill and started barking orders to the rest of my team. Between me and bob we had eyes on everyone and guided our team to great success. Wilburs sniper rifle proved invaluable on the open terrain, and I know he liked having the mp5 slung as a backup.

It was a very good day.

Started to feel the pains of airsoft on sunday night. My arms and legs are aching, and im covered in bruises from close range shots. Still it could be worse, bob got shot in the nuts :)


bob says:
Only one of balls? mine looked like a case of elephantitis when I got home and had a shower! Im still shattered btw. Fell asleep on the bus on the way home from glasgow on sunday!