Frodo, Sam, Beth, and Dad

Since my first Sinclair Spectrum around 1986 I’ve always loved video games. One of the most fun aspects is when you can play in a group with your friends, and over the years we’ve ran loads of LANs, played over Xbox live, and enjoyed co-op split screen and Street Fighter grudge matches.


Beth loves Lego and my friends son recently let me borrow his Lego Lord of the Rings games. I’m a big kid so enjoyed this immensely. The best thing about this though was that Beth showed an interest too, first just watching, then wanting to join in. We even bought her own control pad.

Since then we’ve now finished the game and Beth is desperate to return to middle earth in the free roam mode with her favourite character Éowyn. I’m just proud as punch.

Roll on Lego Marvel Super Heroes !