Games for Windows Live

Recently I reinstalled an older game (Dawn of War 2) via Steam and tried to get this working. Nope. After many hours of reading log files, reinstalling numerous bits of software, and resetting event viewer I got to the bottom of it.

Microsoft released “Games for Windows Live” (GfWL) as a way to try and tie their PC games to their Xbox gamers. As someone who is both, this seemed like a good idea. Instead they’ve taken some horrible steps in trying to emulate Steam’s success and created a Frankenstein product.

So Dawn of War wouldn’t run. Eventually I got this down to the fact that Games for Windows Live wouldn’t run. Reinstalling and rebooting several times didn’t help. Looking in the syswow64/xlive folder for dll’s was fruitless. All my google-fu was turning up nothing.

Eventually I found a post telling me to reinstall Windows Live Sign-In Assistant. After uninstalling this I couldn’t get it back on, it was convinced a newer version was already installed. I had install Windows Live Essentials 2012 in order to update this and get it to a working state.

Once. that was sorted it was plain sailing. I write this now in the hope that it may help some other poor lost soul.

As for Games for Windows Live (and Origin and all the others) I get why you want to compete with Valve Steam, but please stop forcing publishers to use your system. Use the Valve Method and build your tools to work on top of any game instead of parasitically worming into the game. Now when I do run Dawn of War I’ve got two friends / comms / voice / other systems running, and I really use neither.