Gone to the dark side

I really want a Mac

Recently my PC has done nothing but annoy me. The latest windows updates are now going to start nagging you if you don’t have a valid copy of windows, and while i’ve got a few valid xp keys here, my installed copy doesn’t. I don’t want to have to reinstall windows in order to get rid of the nag screen that microsoft has stuck to my desktop.

Thing is, theres loads of reports of people, with valid keys, who can’t get rid of it either.

So I had a look at how much windows would cost. £250 per copy. That’s £500 for the PC’s upstairs. If you buy OEM copies then it drops to around £100 each, but if you upgrade your hardware you can’t use it again.

For that £500 I could buy a brand new mac mini. I could get two new dell PCs WITH WINDOWS for £500. It’s madness. No wonder so many people pirate it.

The new intel macs will not only run the very nice OSX, but will let me boot to windows when i need it (and playing games on the PC is about the only time i would). I think if you could get more developers writing games for OSX and Linux then windows would be dead in the water.

Looks like I’m gonna be saving up, and my money won’t be going to microsoft, but to it’s lead competitor.


bob says:
running games on the mac under windows is faster as well ? though your talking £400 more than the same speced PC. And mini macs arent that great so im told. A mate uses one for a media centre because theres not much else it can really do.

stoo says:
have you considered a dual-boot linux machine?

Anonymous says:
I know OSX is a linux varient, but i've tried several linux distros and none even come close to the ease of use OSX brings. Bob, the new mac mini with the intel core is speced higher than your PC, we're even thinking of swapping our work desktops to them and running windows in a VMWARE box.

bob says:
Not seen the new ones but until they officially support booting to windows and bundle it with OS (next version) i'll give it a miss

Mark Baillie says:
Bob look up "Bootcamp" on the apple site, it's apple offical software for booting windows on a mac, even burns you a windows driver disc. And it'll be in the next version of OSX (leopard i think)

janine says:
http://madnesscentral.blogspot.com/ - my new blog, this 1s for keeps lol

Steven Powell says:
I just sold my mac mini, hoping to get a new intel one soon.best thing ever, if i could just cut this cord round my neck that is attached to redmond. hello old chap by the way.

clareybear says:
Hey Powell Hows your life been???

Steven Powell says:
Hi Clare,Life is good, think i'm getting used to being a dad now.How are you all doing?

clareybear says:
Awww, I didn't know you were a daddy ? when did that happen?

Steven Powell says:
Benjamin William Powell, Born 25/09/05 - Pic's at http://fozzieb50.blogspot.com/ Most amazing thing that can happen in your life.

clareybear says:
Awww, He is gorgeous - Congrats to you and your lady!

bob says:
"Most amazing thing that can happen in your life" What that man said right there!

clareybear says:
"Very superstitious, writings on the waaaaall" :D