Hosted thinking

I’m having an indecisive moment. You see, i’d like to have control of all my own web presence.

Hosting at home is out since running any web intensive applications could knock the services offline. I’m distrustful of low cost hosting because I’ve been stung in that regard too, with many of these hosts actually reselling each other products. I’d love to go higher end with someone like rackspace, but that kind of peace of mind costs.

My work are kindly accepting that our developers can use the web servers for low profile sites. However, the servers are Windows based with IIS limiting me to Microsoft technologies. While MS might be great (or maybe not) at business level, all the nice “people” projects live at the LAMP end of the scale.

On the alternate side of the argument I like the security of a hosted web service. I’ve seen too many peoples websites succumb to exploit hacking because their (and this is just an example) wordpress installation is 5 versions out of date. At least if you’re hosting with the parent company you get that “managed” aspect of the product.

So there you have it, a catch-22. I want control of my data, but I want someone else to look after the systems surrounding it.

I should point out that this is mostly just a brainstorming exercise. Typing this out forces me to evaluate what I’m looking for with each statement that I type. From this I have come to the following conclusion.

I think that the best solution for someone in my position is a hosted service. While full hosting has many more options, usually you are required to manage them, and your data still ends up outside your direct control (as I found out when we lost the old forum). If I think about it then I’m already using invision for web hosting, flickr for photo hosting, and multiple other providers for various web items. While i would love them to all “play nice” I guess that’s just not an option (until they all get smarter and use openID or google buys them all).