I’m … Batman

We have bats living in our cavity walls !


You can hear them scratching around during the day, and sometimes make out their shape at night. The biggest evidence is what's left of the bats after the neighbours cats find them

UK conservationists say many British bat species are facing serious trouble.

Their roosting places are often damaged or destroyed, either by accident or deliberately, and the insects they eat are also in decline.

Scientists say bats constitute one-third of the UK’s total number of land-based mammal species.

Two conservation groups, the Woodland Trust and the Bat Conservation Trust, are working to raise awareness of the animals’ plight.

They say two of the 16 species found here are classed as endangered, with nine others threatened, despite the existence of UK and European legislation designed to protect them.

The Mammal Society says: “Populations of the 14 species which breed in Britain have all declined in recent decades.



vonnie says:
We have them too, in the loft

janine says:
holy crap! how the hell did you find bats in the wall? if u start to feel a sensitivity to sunlight and a likeing for confined spaces while you sleep, ur longer invited to my house!