Jelly copters

I finally got to go on the helicopter ride that my parents got me for christmas. It was 15 minutes in a Bell Longranger over the campsies and kirkintiloch. Visability was fantastic and you could see for miles. The only down side was that there was five people crammed into the tiny cabin and i got stuck in the middle which greatly reduced what I could see.

My headset was also knacked so the pilot commentry to me sounded like “sschhhhhhh … left side … schhhhh … wallace …. scchhh ….. secc …. schhhhh … bail out ….. schhhhhh”

The little white / siilver blob in the middle is the armadillo at the SECC.

Talking about helictopers, there’s been loads of chinooks flying over the house since G8 started, I’ve managed to get a few snaps of them


bob says:
lots and lots of chinooks!