I’m a Joss Whedon fan. Like any other sort of addicition, the only way to battle it is to go cold turkey.

After Buffy and Angel finished, I was left wanting. With nothing to fufil my habit I slowly came back to standarad TV. Battlestar Galactica brought my expectations back up and showed that people other than Joss can do a good job.

Then I downloaded Firefly, Joss’s other project. I must admit to not liking the premise of cowboys in space, seemed a little too “for the sake of it”. However all sillyness aside it turned out to be a good series with excellent characters and scripts.

Which leads me to the Firefly movie, Serenity. I caught it over the weekend and was very glad to see that it made the jump to the cinema screen with a real solid performance. The action scenes were awesome, even if you could say they mimiced a lot of other films in places. All misgivings aside, it was worth it just to see these characters come to life again.

My name is mark, and once again I’m a Joss fanboy.


vonnie says:
I read that as "My name is Mark, and once again I'm a Joss gayboy" :S

stoo says:
i know it's maybe not your cup of tea but Mr Whedon has been writing "Astonishing X-Men" for the last while, as you probably know, I'm not a fan of Buffy but I thought Serenity was ace and the writing on the recent x-men books have been pretty darn good. i've got the first tpb if you want to borrow it sometime? ..or

Dave says:
Stoo, you broke Mark's layout!

bob says:
Of course he did! it's Stoo!

stoo says:
i did? it looks ok from here?.

Mark Baillie says:
CSS overflow to the rescue! Been meaning to fix that for ages. I'll have to find some code that will autocrop text at a certain length

stoo says:
wow fixed while i posted?. that's service for you

bob says:
"Everything you want from a store with a little bit more?"