Knees no worky

Another day of battle draws to a close.

Had a cracking time at airsoft today. Played a pile of games and got a lot sneaky than I usually am. More kills than usual with less shots. The new gun lived up to and exceeded expectations. That said the expectation was “poor” at best. After all the hassle I had with the gun i honestly expected it to shoot very poorly but was very surprised. The site limit for a 0.2g bb is 328 fps, my gun came in at 323 (although from the feel of some of the hits I took i’m amazed there was no-one shooting above that). One of my batteries did play up so I borrowed bobs spare. Went that sparingly that I didnt need to change batteries before the day was over anyway.

There was a downside however. The last 300-400m onto the site is a dirt track. On the way up it seems that some wayward rocks punctured daves petrol tank. When we climbed into the car at night the gauge was sitting at below zero. We managed to get it down to the nearest petrol station for a better look. Fuel was pissing out the bottom. Called the RAC and got a guy to come out who thinks the whole tanks gonna need replaced. Had to leave daves car there for the adjoining garage to have a look at it in the morning. Luckily Clare came to get us and we all eventually got home. Rubbish about the car though.

So all in I had a fun day, however my knees are now shrieking in agony.


bob says:
I share your pain Almost literally! Ouch! While I remember.How many bb's did you go through yesterday? I think I managed about 2500 on the two batteries I used and most of that was during the last two games after I changed to my 9.6V

Mark Baillie says:
Only ran through about 5 mags which is about 2500 rounds (the G3 hi-caps are 500 aren't they ?) Probably how I manged to survive on just one battery. Could feel it just beginning to lag as we defended in the bomb game .I think Dave Brown actually used more of the bag I brought than I did.

bob says:
See this is the thing. Our batteries are only supposed to last 1000-1500 bb's. Ive had mine last 2000-2500 and noone believed me before. Ach well as long as I know its not just me!