l33t 2 n00b

Stoo’s found a great place to pick up a semi-dedicated server for web hosting, the only catch (for me anyway) is that they only run linux. They offer either Debian Linux or Fedora Core 2 or 3.

Three years ago at Aurora I set up a Fedora Core 2 server to act as the office file server, and it worked a treat, it did everything that windows was struggling to do (like handle mac documents). I used all the built in GUI tools and it was sooo simple to do. Which I why I picked Fedora Core.

Having now gotten in to the server it seems that Fedora is at least one whole version behind with both PHP and MySQL, and it doesn’t like to be upgrared. I’ve now written to support to ask if i can swap for debian.

There is however something much more geeky about working at a linux command line, and I’m sure I’ll feel l33t again just as soon as I can figure the bloody thing out...


stoo says:

Anonymous says:
"We can wipe the miniserver and re-install with debian any time you like - just give me the go-ahead and I will get this done for you (all data will be wiped during the re-install)." - I like these guys already

bob says:

Anonymous says:
Right Debians on it. I've got MySQL 4 installed on it, but apache has reverted to 1.2, time to research more ?

Anonymous says:
Apache 1 to Apache 2 http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=05/09/01/186204 - Although I cant see any clear reason as to why we need it ?

bob says:
Well Apache 1 does all the basics? Apaches 2 just does it with bells and whistles if I recall correctly. Wouldnt hurt to have it though.