Mean Green Caffeine

Mountain dew, beats the ass off ginger beer. Click here to find out how much mountain dew it would take to kill you


Vonnie says:
You have too much time on your hands, my friend

bob says:
/me eats cans of mountain dew whole.

clareybear says:
How's that having too much time on your hands? The boy knows what he likes!

vonnie says:
Heh - I meant the calculator for checking how many cans of Mountain Dew would kill you :p I have a half liter of Mountain Dew in my desk at work. Just thought I'd share that with you

RSG says:
I want some Mountain Dew

Mark Baillie says:
Vonnie, where did you get yours from ? I had to order mine on the web.Steve I'll bring some cans on sunday