Medal of Honor


6 out of 10

First of all, they spelt Honour wrong.

EA made a huge deal out of this game calling it a Call of Duty killer. Time certainly showed us that not to be true when Modern Warfare 2 stomped it into the ground. Now that I’ve played through Medal of Honor I can see why.

I understand that they were trying to take a slightly more realistic approach and do justice to the stresses of combat facing those in active duty, but they did neither this, nor cinematic action, well. Call of Duty excels at cinematics, Battlefield gets closer to realism, and lets be honest, consoles aren’t the target system for realism.

The single player is left feeling “unfinished”, perhaps trying to stay too open in hopes of a sequel. It’s too short, has little variety, and the ATV levels are just dull. The helicopter level was a good effort at something new, but Modern Warfare already had the AC130 levels.

All that said I gave the multiplayer a spin, and it was enjoyable. Still a poor comparrison to Call of Duty and Battlefied though.