More blogging about blogging

I’ve had a request for more information (regarding my last post) about how I got my site at to read from my posterous account at

It starts with a trick I picked up from the main posterous blog. You can target a specific tag in the posterous RSS feed by appending “tag=” to the address
This lets me target the specific sections to be displayed on my site in specific columns.

My site is essentially a RSS parser, targeted at my three blog categories (Lifeblog/Geekblog/About me), writing the output from these into each section of the page. A little HTML/CSS re-writing is required to ensure that images aren’t too wide, and that videos don’t overflow.

On the posterous site itself I found an excellent skin site at which offers some great implementations. The one I selected (with a few tweaks) allows you to put your tags as tabs at the top of the page, letting me merge three posterous sites into one.

Blogosphere – I hope that helps !