It’s been a long time, and desperate as I have been to bring new news to you few dedicated readers, for a long time I had nothing frivolous enough but exciting enough to blog about.

I’ve just watched the fabulous Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff along with an amazing cast of others terrify the life out of me for the last ninety minutes. And I’ve loved every second.

Most know of my love for a good horror movie, and my occasional attendance to the great Edinburgh Dead By Dawn horror festival (which closed with Oculus this year). So it’s no surprise that I’d take great pleasure in this kind of entertainment (if that’s the right word).

A “good” horror movie can often be hard to find, too much gore or overuse of “jump” scares just desensitises to the whole theme. For every “Shining” there’s an “Attack of the killer clowns from outer space”. A good horror movie will tingle your spine, you’ll question your own sanity for continuing to watch, but you wont be able to look away. Gasping in disbelief as you stare through your fingers, cringing at the gore, jumping and squeaking with each “cat” scare.

That’s exactly what Oculus has to offer. Frankly I’m glad I watched this at home, at least then I wasn’t clinging to a random cinema going stranger in the seat next to mine.

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