Woke up on saturday morning to find my left elbow in white hot agony. Had a look in the mirror but couldn’t see anything odd. It felt kind of “squidgy”, like there was something between the skin and the bone. I gave it a push and “POP” !

Loaded myself up on painkillers.

After a few hours the pain had dulled away but the elbow started to swell. In the end it looked like i had a testicle stuck under the skin. Moving the joint became very painfull to. Had to relent and go up to A&E.

Turns out you have these little sacks of fluid in your elbows and knees which aid in the movement of the joint. One of mine became infected and swollen, and i seemed to burst it when i pushed on it, letting all the fluid seep out.

So now I’ve got a week of antibiotics (penicillian and flucloxacillin) and ibuprofen, and my arm’s got to stay in a sling.

And i still don’t remember hitting it off anything in the first place


clareybear says:
Aww, ur my brave soldier

bob says:
ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch :(

kaydee says:
Aaaaarrrggghhhh!! Get better soon Mark!! Rest up! x

laura says:
Oh ho ho testicle arm! Hope you feel better markie.

Anonymous says:
I've turned on the visual passcode for comments since it's been getting spammed. I'll try and make it look a bit nicer later. Cheers for letting me know bob