Passing the torch

Which of your childhood favourite movies would you like to pass to your kids, and hope that they love them as much as you did ?

Clare and I are watching a music channel which is running a Movie Soundtrack Greatest Hits, and just come on is Peter Cetera – The Glory Of Love ( to which Clare asked “would Beth like the karate kid ?”. A very good question, and since the ultimate scene is about hitting a guy in the face, then most probably.

I saw this video a while ago – a guy filmed his four year olds reaction to the final reveal in the Empire Strikes Back and it’s amazing. I’ve wanted to take Beth through Star Wars for a while now, probably in machete order ( -4,5,2,3,6) but I’d be gutted if Beth didn’t have that same reaction. I can just see myself standing in the living room shouting at her *spoiler* “Don’t you get it, he’s his dad, and they’re fighting, but they’re kind of the same, why aren’t you shocked and amazed !”.

Then, on the other hand, can I really let Beth see me crying my way through E.T. ? Or singing Cindy Lauper to The Goonies ? She loves Doctor Who so the time travel of Back to the Future should be okay, but how to explain his mum fancies him ? I loved Gremlins as a kid, has that always been a 15 ? Or perhaps I could put on Labyrinth and we could both laugh at Clare hiding behind the couch ?

Perhaps best to just stick with Disney for the moment. Then again, I couldn’t have been much older than her the first time I saw The Terminator and I turned out just fine.