Pick your weapon

So, I had a Kart M14 socom for airsoft which I sold. I now have another 🙂

Anyway, the blasted thing won’t shoot in semi auto, so for the first time I opened it up to take a look. Most of this is based on the instructions I found for the G&G version here :


Before I could pull out the motor and gearbox as per photo four I had to remove the flash-hider and the nut beneath this and slide off the front post and the rest of the front end. The grub bolt holding the flash-hider on was tiny and worn so a bit of force was required. Once out I could tell mine was different.

These photos are from the CYMA model which seems to work in the same way. The selector switch turns and as it does it moves the brown bar in and out. In photo 2 you’ll see how this then pushes the vertical lever which rotates the arm within the cut-out. I suspect the arm is then supposed to catch the light coloured plastic that you can see through the cut-out and prevent this moving the full distance to result in a single shot being fired.

And this is where I got stumped 🙁

This is much a note for myself (actually come to think of it most of the stuff on here is) but it may prove useful to someone …. A bunch of the photos used here aren’t mine, just using them to make a point.


Mark Baillie says:
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Mark Baillie says:
and this video is almost identical ...