Picture = 100 words

I’ve signed myself up for a full flickr account, and spent most of the weekend uploading photos to it. Didn’t realise I had so many.

So you can jump on over to the photos at the link below. You should need to sign up for an account to be able to post comments on them.


Probably the best thing about flickr is that a full account will store the pictures at their full size. That way if the copies on my PC should suddenly die, I can get them back from the flickr site. Gives nice peace of mind.


Boss Hogg says:
Jeez, thats a lot of photos! Flickr's great aint it?

Anonymous says:
Bloody hell dave, that was quick !

bob says:
My mums now wanting to see the official wedding photos after seeing the pics you uploaded :S

clareybear says:
I can bring them down at some pointKeep ur wee maw happy