Podcasting Dungeons and Dragons

Whilst wandering around today I’ve been listening to the Penny Arcade / WotC podcast testing the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition on the iPhone. As an aside distraction it’s fantastic. While I don’t RPG any more (due to time constraints on my old group) I still like to keep an hand in.

Listening to them curse constantly and take every opportunity to comically murder each other (“I set fire to the dwarf”) fills me with nostalgia.

Podcast URL: http://www.wizards.com/rsspodcast.xml



Bobzilla says:
I’ve listened to Wil’s multitude of podcasts and countless rpg blogs podcasts but I have to say I’ve still never got around to listening to those ones :(

Anonymous says:
Bob, about ten of the episodes from the feed are missing, want me to stick them all on a USB drive for you ?

Bobzilla says:
that would be great! :)