Portal 2


9 out of 10

I’m a massive fan of Portal, having bought it on PC, again on xbox (in the orange box pack), and separately on XBLA. It’s probably fair to say I’m a fan of most things that valve put out. So hope were stacked high for this.

It didn’t let me down. they’ve obviously sunk a lot more time and money into it. The new physics objects and gels offer another degree of complexity to the puzzles.

The only thing is, I enjoyed the first portal since it was a little throw away timekiller of a game, albeit a great one. Portal 2 has tried to grow into so much more. It offers great locations and great characters, but is has it maybe outgrown itself? Are valve trying too hard to milk a cash cow?

I’ve yet to try co-op which is one of what I think will be the most outstanding new elements of Portal 2, so my hopes still remain high.