Refreshing bite of the apple

or how I took my iPhone 3G and kept it up to date

So the new iPhone 4’s are out and looking very nice.??One thing I love about it is the general shape, although it actually reminds me of Clares old Nokia N78

This however has left my iPhone 3G looking a little out of date. Apple have released iOS4 ( which has offered some enhancements such as

  • Multitasking *
  • Home screen wallpaper *
  • Folders for Homepage Icons
  • A unified email inbox
  • iBooks bookstore
  • Notes syncing over wireless
  • Exchange 2010 compatability
  • A better spellchecker

A good list of items, but wait, what are those asterisks ???

iPhone 3GS and IPhone 4 only

At two years old my 3G can’t keep up with those features. My 4 year old windows HTC could do those. Thankfully, I’m not the only one feeling that way, and the very active jailbreaking community has the answer.

So I updated the phone to iOS4, then popped over to and grabbed the latest redsn0w. Pointing it at my itunes ipsw file, one quick reboot later, and this asterisks no longer prevent my 3G from multitasking or having homepage wallpaper.

I am a happy geek again.

There are multiple posts around the web of iOS4 crippling some 3G models (, thankfully this isn’t an issue that I’ve had.