Scott Pilgrim vs Holywood garbage

Never before have I seen such an awesome explosion of visual effects brought to life in a live action film. Scott Pilgrim vs The World has managed to catch the surreal visuals of the comic book and breathe life into them in a medium normal devoid of such inventiveness.

Knowing that I would soon be going to see the film I took the time to review the comics and found them to be very enjoyable. Bryan Lee O’Malley does a great job for the length of the series taking a whiny insecure boy and turning him into a self-responsible young adult, without laying on the moral message too heavily.

Edgar Wright too understands that this story is really a coming-of-age tale for Scott and manages to fit this into the 112 minutes runtime while staying as true to the comic books as possible. The only problem I have is that this is both not enough (I want to see more of this fantastic world) and too much (the seven fights are spread across six books, having them all in the one film makes them a little repetitive).

Michael Cera does an admirable job as Scott although may be in danger of getting typecast. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was great as Ramona managing to be both aloof and vulnerable. Jason Schwartzman just plays a great bad guy.

Also worth noting is an amazing soundtrack, even that of the in-story band The Sex Bob-Oms.

Too often do we see cookie cutter movies from holywood, full of the same plots with different actors. Perhaps this will open the door to some more creative offerings.


Mark Baillie says:
Regarding the awesome soundtrack, here’s a listing