Spawn of Dawn update

Looking forward to spawn of dawn this year ? I know I am !

All screenings in Cinema Two

Finally (and with thanks for your patience), I’m thrilled to announce the full line-up for one spectacular night of all-newhorror, with the gorgeous, ludicrous exception of KILLER KLOWNS, which is not new, but is just sheer indulgence on my part, cos it looks like all the nightmares I used to have starring evil versions of the wobbly giants off It’s a Knockout… 🙂

Box office will be open on Saturday 7th till 11pm for you to collect or buy tickets

The cinema will open at five to midnight, and the films will kick off about ten past

Here’s  the treats in store...

0010 – You Are So Undead +  Deus Irae + BABYSHOWER (finishes 0220)
0240 – Scary Therapy + The Legend of Beaver Dam + CHOP (finishes 0440)
0500 – A Perfect Red Snapper Dish + The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl + KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE (finishes 0645)

Then there’s a breakfast break, and on the Filmhouse café bar menu will be just what you need at this ungodly hour of a Sunday morning – buckets of fresh coffee and hot bacon and fried egg rolls…

0715 – 10 Things I Hate About Camping + STAKE LAND (finishes 0905)
0920 – Por Gloria Divina + YELLOWBRICKROAD (finishes 1110)

For anyone coming to the fest for the first time, or at least the first time in a while, here’s pretty much all you need to know...

Tickets for SPAWN OF DAWN are on sale now SPAWN OF DAWN runs on Saturday 7th May from midnight until around 11am on Sunday morning.  It all takes place in Cinema Two at Filmhouse and screens 5 features and 8 shorts picked from the main festival programme

If you want to buy your SPAWN OF DAWN ticket in person, it will be issued as a standard blue Filmhouse ticket with SPAWN OF DAWN on it, which is all you will need to present on the night for entry to all screenings in Cinema Two If you haven’t ever registered on the Filmhouse website and you think you’ll buy your Ticket online, please register before you buy If you buy over the phone or online, your Ticket will be waiting for you to collect when you arrive at the cinema on the Saturday evening. The box office will be open until 11pm and the event will kick off just after midnight

If there are other films playing at DEAD BY DAWN that you want to see, individual tickets for each screening and short film block are on sale now at regular Filmhouse prices

You cannot buy individual tickets for SPAWN OF DAWN screenings because the event is such stonking value for money that this would be a silly way to do things On that note, we know it’s a broke year for pretty much everybody so we haven’t hiked our Ticket prices, either. SPAWN OF DAWN is still the brilliant price of £25

The bar has a late licence for booze till 3am for Ticket-holders only but will be open for everything else through the night

If you have any questions at all, please just get in touch with me directly:

Cheers Adele Hartley
Festival Director