Telling tales

I adore a good story whatever the medium.  I’m known for devouring a good book, can watch a good series end to end, or can lose myself in a good movie.  Whilst I love video games, it’s rare that one can engage me on the same level.

Not that I’m talking down the medium, the Mass Effect trilogy had a fantastically captivating story (despite some bad press about the ending), everything that comes out of Valve (Half-life, Portal) leaves me desperate for more, and Silent Hill was as good as many if not most of the horror movie I’ve seen. This does tend to be the exception rather than the rule unfortunately.

So when I do find something worthy of applause then I’m more than happy to share it far and wide. This is certainly the case with the Walking Dead series by Telltale Games.

Having tried episode one on Xbox, iPad, and pc I’d put my vote in for the Xbox 360. However, wallet outweighed want and I picked up the full series for a fantastic price in the steam sale. The laptop wasn’t quite up to spec making the lag in some of the set pieces harder, adding extra frustration, but the game can’t be blamed for that.

Ultimately the game is a series of set pieces interspersed with puzzles harking back to the old classic LucasArt games, and a huge tree of dialogue choices many of which will come back to aid or haunt you throughout the story. It’s these story arcs that make the game, they give you the emotional attachments needed to love or hate the other characters – don’t get too attached though, like every good horror story there’s some real twists in the tale. Despite the background of a zombie apocalypse this is a story about people.

Having also played through Telltales imagining of the Sam and Max series (which was awesome) and the disappointing Back to the Future license, I can only say that with Walking Dead they’re at the top of their game. Roll on season two.