Testing Posterous

So every six months or so I like to try a new social media site. Had a look at tumblr, loved the simplicity, but didn’t like the lack of features. You see, as I jump between platforms I like to take my existing content with me.

At this point i’m on wordpress, will I be able to pull this in here ?


So, a little bit of follow up. I have been kicking about Posterous vs Tumblr vs WordPress.

++ Looks great
++ Nice formating of media types
-– Limiting in its simplicity
-– Limiting in it’s import method (a big no for me)
-- Separate comment system (disqus)

++ Fantastic Support
++ Fantastic Backend
++ Practically a standard
-– On wordpress.com, limited ability to shape the page as i’d like
-– Limited media support

++ Something new for me to use
++ Full import system from other blogs
++ Awesome support for media types
-– Import system is missing comments
-– Web based editor missing media (although this may just be a methodology change for me)

So I have to consider, what am I really wanting. Be it wordpress of posterous I really just want a blog that can write to my flavors.me website. WordPress has the support and export that makes me comfortable, but misses out on the great media support of posterous (although, maybe this can be completed using plugins).

I may have to ponder further….