The art of speechwriting

As wilburs wedding fast approaches I find myself making changes to my Best-man speech. I’m not known for being good in-front of a crowd so I’m really nervous about doing it. I hope I can do a good job for him.

Feel free to post any amusing anecdotes about wilbur below...


Kaydee says:
You'll do a grand job Mark. Wilbur will be honoured just to have you as his best man!!!

laura says:
markie honey you'll be fine. and worst comes to the worst just do some hoola dancing. everyone loves a bit of hoola?

William says:
You'll be fine m8, I've no even wrote anything yet - as for ammusing stories pritty much anything involving me, booze and dancing should give you plenty of ammo to embarrass me? but if you get really stuck I'll do what I can to help - other than that go for the hoola

clareybear says:
You'll be fine hunny, what you've got so far is great, u just need to structure it!