The Dresden Files


As some of you may know over the past year I’ve found Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files“. It’s an excellent series of modern day with magic in a gritty film noir style. Those who do know, it’s probably because i’ve gone on at great length in an attempt to badger you into reading them.

Our hero, Harry Dresden, is a wizard. A genuine D&D style spellcaster, living in modern day Chicago, and trying to make a living as a private eye using his abilities as an advantage to his job. With magic in the world we open the door to all manner of evils that can be imagined, pretty much every bad creature you’ve ever dreamed of will try to eat poor Harry at some point.

Evil Hat have produced a RPG based apon the Harryverse, allowing you to participate in your own story of high magic, damsels in distress, car chases, and shoot-outs.

Our resident DM @Bobzilla took the reins and ran our first Harryverse adventure for us over the last few months, and it’s certainly been exciting. I’ve put a bit of a review of this up on bobs rpg blog here.

Next time, I believe we’ll be going back to the lands of classic D&D for a more traditional dungeon trek.