The never ending march of time

So another friend gets another year older, one step closer to the milestone of 30. Happy Birthday Stoo.

It’s odd, I can clearly remember my dads 30th birthday, back then thinking about 30 was like trying to reach the stars, an impossible amount away. I guess it’s got to happen to the best of us, glad I’ve still got a while to go though :)

Stoo is a huge Street Fighter fan, so we got him a custom t-shirt...



bob says:
7 1/2 months here :S

Vonnie says:
Aye and just think, you'll be a fully fledged "Daddy" by then as well :p I can't remember my parents turning 30, but I can remember my Mum being 29 - she had 4 kids by then. 30 still seems miles off for me