The same but different

I finished reading “The Bourne Supremacy” last week. An awesome book, the second in the series, although I had only seen the movie of the first part. Just from reading the book I knew there’d be huge differences between the movies and books. I’ve now started watching the film and already 15 minutes in it’s radically on a different track. I’m taking the view that they’re two completely seperate entities and will hopefully enjoy the most out of the both.

All in though, a brillant series so far. Bought the “Identity” book to give that a read now.

Isn’t it odd how movies can go so off base from the original source though. The shining is a bit of an example, both an awesome book and awesome movie. There’s other examples where the transfer from paper to screen doesnt go quite so smoothly. It begs the question why don’t authors like to write screenplays then no-one can bastardise their books. Anyway ...


bob says:
Try reading Dune???if a film could get any further from the novel I???d be surprised!