Using Posterous

I’ve fretted over the decision to take a fresh look at blogging, bouncing between wordpress, tumblr, and posterous every other hour. To be honest, I’ve probably made it far more of a decision than is really required

The simple answer is, stop worrying. As soon as I looked at all three engines pros I was happy to settle on Posterous. Sure there’s a few more things i’d love it to be able to do, but I’m sure that’ll come with time.

My biggest hurdle was actually that of control. I love self hosting, because then I’m the one with the trigger on my posts and can kill a blog with the push of a button. On the other hand, what do I have to say on this that’ll prove to be so mission critical ? Stop Worrying.

So posterous can’t copy my comments in properly, I’ll just fake them. Stop worrying.

So my blog history might be incomplete, lets face it, most of it was rubbish anyway. Back it up and move on. Think of this as a spring clean and stop worrying.

Perhaps they are indeed all the "right" tool for the job, and it’s just the mind for the job that needed changing 🙂