Watched a car explode

Last night saw an act of vandalism and arson turn a neighbours Land Rover into a flaming wreckage.

Please excuse the low quality photos, taken on a bad cameraphone

It was around 11:30 when the house shook. A large boom rattled the windows and reverberated between buildings. For a second C and I just looked at each other, questions running through your mind. Had B fallen from her cot (too loud and no accompanying cries) ? Had a window been put in (noise was too low in pitch) ? Had something hit the house ?

Pulling back the blinds and looking out the front showed nothing, opening the back door showed the result.

From talking to neighbours we can understand that a suspicious individual (black hoodie, black joggies, white trainers) smelling of petrol was seen hanging around outside. One of the neighbours was actually on the phone reporting this when the car went up. Mr Suspicious was seen running from the scene.

The family who the car belonged to was heard to say that they were supposed to be leaving for a break today and the car had been packed with everything for the trip, including the kids toys and clothes.

The fire brigade had been called and turned up to douse the flames, but by this time the car was already a goner. The police soon followed to take statements.

It would seem that this is not the first incident in recent weeks. Other neighbours have had paint stripper thrown over their paintwork, tyres and windscreens have been burst. One neighbour came out to find a screwdriver sticking out from each front tyre.

It’s sickening to see this happen, cowardly to attack someone’s property when they’re not around, and it leaves you with the question, am I next ?


bobzilla76 says:
Bloody hell!